Allergies in Dog / Dog Skin Problems

It’s Springtime in Wake Forest; flowers are in full bloom and the tree pollen is everywhere.  My allergies are at full force and Taylor has started licking his paws again.  Pet allergies, and especially dog skin allergies, are very common. Food, carpeting, blankets, dust mites, mold spores in the air, pollen, plastic food dishes, furniture stuffing and ornamental plants all have the potential to trigger allergies in dogs. Download the PDF on dogs and allergies.


Canine Dental Care

Brushing a dog’s teeth is about as much fun as having a root canal, but, if you can get Fido to cooperate, it has many benefits. The biggest benefit of brushing your dog’s teeth is just like ours…. it keeps plaque from building up. Download the PDF on dog dental care.


Probiotics and Dental Care

While the importance of dental care for humans is often stressed, we sometimes tend to overlook how important it can be in the health care of our canine friends. Just as a lack of proper dental care in humans can lead to numerous problems, including overall health issues as well as dental problems, the lack of proper dental care in dogs can also result in serious issues. Download the PDF on probiotics and dog dental care.